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A small introduction

Derek Provance

Full Stack Software Developer from Kansas City

Imagine, just for a minute, that you had an idea that you wanted to make a reality. You look at a blank piece of paper and start writing. After a few sentences, a world begins to take shape. This world, inspired by one’s imagination, is the product of an author working on their next best seller. For me, this is programming. Instead of a story, it’s a piece of software. Software designed to make a difference, to make someones life just a little bit easier.

My name is Derek Provance and I am a developer. I know and learn many different languages. It’s my hobby. I’ve created an application from the server backend to the visual front-end. I’ve developed websites for clients and helped design databases in the interest of speed and efficiency. In my free time, I’m an entrepreneur. I get ideas for applications from my observations of what people struggle with in the day to day and how I think it can be improved. From these ideas, the applications and business ideas are formed. If you are interested in my works or would like to get in touch, feel free to contact me.

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